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Title your entry, please. Thanks!
I'm relatively new to the component scene, and I've succeeded in a few things, but, as simple as the book/movie/music component seems to be .. I'm just not nailing it.

I'm getting this error:

See?Collapse )

It's probably something horribly obvious that'll make you all go "Well, duh." but still .. help? :P
Is there a way to put a repeating image between entries? I'd like to maybe put a holiday bar or candy cane as a decoration.
I have several feeds and communities that give my daily pictures, comic strips etc, on my friends page. Is there any way to use the friend groups (which i've made) to make a second friends page for all feeds and community posts, so the don't clutter up actual entries by my friends?

I've revived Component_Review. Could you take a looksie at the profile and let me know if anything should be added/changed before I promote it? Thanks!

This time, there will be no formal judges; reviews will be done by fellow Component users.
First off this community is really great!

#1 I just want to know how to add the components for "Music I'm Listening to/Books I'm Reading/What I'm Watching" (just examples) I want to put images in those components kinda of like symbolia.

#2 I started messing around with creating new themes and now that I want to get rid of them, it won't let me delete them.

If anyone has any idea how to do this, please help!!!!

Thank you!
i can't find the html code to put a header on lj. . i found one and i tried it and the image did not show up :/ can you people help me?

thank you!