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Coding: Uniquewonders
Tag Tutorial: Murklins
Icons: DryIcons
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This community is set up specifically for review of LJs that use the Component style. There are many LJ reviewers who just don't like the style and rate accordingly, so….. Screw 'em. This community's for you, the Component lover!

The focus of this review community is on overall look, layout, ease of navigation, customization and related areas. We know just how hard it is to get things just so! Entry content will NOT be judged; it's your LJ, you write what you want. You also get to check out other LJs to get more layout ideas.

Your reviews will be by folks who have already gone through the process and also use the Component style. So, you'll be getting critiqued by fellow Component lovers!
I'm attempting to add the information found in this tutorial, but just can't seem to get it to work! Is there something I've left out? I did notice one difference between my code and that found in the tutorial -- my layout uses print_content_top(); instead of print $content_top; -- but changing from one to the other causes this behaviour. So, if I may inquire; how do I implement horizontal scrolling within my centre component? :) Any assistance will be welcomed with joy and cookies!

Oh, frabjous day; it's working! *hands out cookies and sweets* Thank you!
I followed the scrolling entries tutorial to get horizontal scroll bars. I then wanted to add vertical scroll bars, so I added "height: 200px;" to the div.scrollentry class of my stylesheet. While this did give me vertical scroll bars, it also automatically makes all entries 200px long, even if the entry itself is shorter. Is there a way to set it so that an entry is its natural size unless it passes the 200px mark?

You can check out my friends page (here) to see what I mean, the first entry there is a good example.
Title your entry, please. Thanks!
heyhey, this community is a godsend, I hadn't a clue where to start when changing my journal layout.

Anyway, I apologize if a similiar question has been asked here before, but I'm looking through the tutorials in an attempt to find one that will help me achieve the basic look/layout of this journal.

The main issue is getting the links that would normally be on the nav. bar over there on the right. Help would be greatly appreciated!♥♥
How do you make a post without an icon? And, whats the easiest way to change the corner colors on all your components?