December 2nd, 2004

Takano 3


First of all - Thank you all for your help, guidence, and for asking your own questions because they have all helped me answer my own and work through this.

Here is my problem: In playing with the code, I managed to do something when viewing entries from my friend's page, if I went to reply to their entry, it would show up in my own style instead of theirs. I don't know what I could have fiddled with or accidentally added to cause this to happen, but if anybody can give me some general direction, it would greatly be appreicated! I like seeing my friend's layouts when I go to comment on their entries, and I don't know how to bring this feature back T_T

Thanks ahead of time!
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my layout will not resize. is it possible to have a space between my header and my entries without my layout being at 100% size? any help would be appreciated.
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Right, I'm clueless, I'm trying to work out something on wiccan, essentially the whole thing is a mess, but the part that has caused the most problems is the box containing the memories, simply because there are too many memories to fit into the single box, if I go over a certain amount I am unable to save the changes. So, my theory was that I would have the community memories split up into different groups and place them in separate boxes, however the header [print_comp_header("Text");] looks rather, well, stupid – is there a simple way of getting rid of this header so that the boxes blend in together on the memories part alone?
This probably makes very little sense but the community looks ugly and I really don’t want to start from scratch, I would really appreciate it if someone could offer a hand in trying to get this sorted out for me.