December 7th, 2004

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mood box

guess who's back?
lol kunzite1 are u tired of me yet?

ok here's the new thing i need help with. I am trying to have my mood/music come up in a little box at the top right side of my entries. this box has a border around it, i've seen it in some journals but havent seen the coding, can i get some help?
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Hey again.

Was wondering if anyone can point me to a tutorial for a component that displays a clock counting down to a certain event. I'm sure I saw something like that but I can't find it now, no matter how hard I search,


Additional Components

Okie dokie... I think I made a mistake somewhere lol Not shocking. I had followed one tutorial that told me to make all the stylesheet changes in the original user layer. So I did. It has worked thus far. But then when i wanted to add the music/books/tv components and other random components, if i follow the "additional components" tutorial and use that as my theme it takes everything i did in my user layer and takes it completely away. So my guess is i took a wrong turn somewhere, can someone help? Thanks in advance!
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Customizing the Navigation Component?

I looked through the tutorials and didn't quite find what I was looking for. I tried to figure it out myself by comparing it to the customizing the profile component tutorial, but that didn't work out either. Soooo, I was wondering, anyone want to give a quick rundown on how you can edit the Navigation Component? I'd like to add a few links in it and move around the skiplinks, and the only way I thought that could be done would be to edit the component as a whole, yes?
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