December 8th, 2004


comments stretching page

ok i used this tutorial, i also use the shrinking and centering. this is copied exactly word for word, and my layout still stretches on the comment pages. it is supposed to shrink the comment headers and it hasnt. i am pretty good with component layouts, and i cannot figure out why it will not stop stretching each time i get a new comment :/

i have adjusted the width on the tables and nothing worked.. anyone have any ideas?


EDIT: i removed the ip from showing in the comments and now it doesnt stretch yay
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Now Playing Component

This was requested earlier by panda_cookie. This tutorial will explain how to get your currently playing song on your music player to show up as an image on your livejournal using AMIP. It's my first tutorial, so let me know if you don't understand something. If it doesn't work, I can try and help.

1. Requirements
This should work with the following music players - Winamp, Foobar, QCD, or iTunes (Windows).

You'll need a web host with the following requirements:
- Upload by FTP
- PHP 4.2.2+
- GD Support enabled
- FreeType Support enabled
- JPG/PNG Support enabled

There are plenty of free web hosts out there, but not all of them may meet the requirements.

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