December 12th, 2004

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I'm getting a little ADD and frustrated tonight/these past days, so if I'm just making an insanely stupid and moronic mistake, I wouldn't be surprised.

So I followed pamelajoy's tutorials perfectly, step by step, but no matter what I do, no matter what customizations I make (yes, I checked the Free Text option) NONE of it shows up. NOTHING. My layout's acting like I have nothing in the Advanced Customization center override boxes. What is going on? I'm going crazy. I tried to go through as many tutorials here and did check the past two pages but I didn't really think anything'd help, so pardon me if I missed a tut. with directions as to how to get something anything to show up.
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If this is something I looked over, I'm terribly sorry to all you wonderful people. Currently, its 4:30am and I'm getting a little cross eyed from all this code.

I have been messing about with the code that panda_cookie posted along with the square box code to get at my current point. I would like to know how to move the sidebar (which is the profile and the stuff that follows under) up so that it sits beside my image.

Insight on how to accomplish this would equal love. Yes.

Thank you.
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Please Help


I am trying to use the "Full Update Component" Tutorial.

I copied it exactly, it compiled fine, but when I actually tried to use the "No Comments" & "Spell Check" options, then did not work.

The No comments option produces a:

"Client error: Invalid metadata datatype: Property "opt_nocomments" should be 0 or 1" error.

And the spell check just does not work.

I removed the "No Auto Format" and "Don't E-Mail Comments" options, because I don't use them.

Can anyone tell me why the options might be broken.

Thank You.