December 14th, 2004

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I have finally found a countdown timer for my LJ but it won't seem to work. Is this because it's JavaSCRIPT based?

Please help.

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i've searched and searched, and maybe what i'm looking for is listed under a not-so-obvious title, anyway i hope someone can help.

i'm trying to achieve what has done with her link list. i'm a part of several communities, plus i have several journals that i read often as well as the few that i don't read so often.

i want to be able to click on a link (like aelana's) and be taken to a page with only my communities on it, or just my most frequently read journals, etc.

i hope that all makes sense. thanks for your time. >.
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Cowgirl - Katchoo

Color Customization Problem

I am attempting to fix the mess that my journal is in since I started down the ugly road of s2 customization. For the life of me, I can not get the color over ride in the theme layer to work, even though I have copied and pasted it exactly as it is in the tutorial. Could someone please help?
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