December 15th, 2004

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I'm rewriting the navbar at the top of the page, and I decided that I want to do buttons (using css), instead of having one big bar. I've got the buttons, but the way I did it was by giving each of the links a link class. Which works until I get to the "next/previous" links. Because they're buried inside "$p->lay_viewspec_nav();"

What I'm wondering is if anyone knows a way to edit that, just so I can give the links that it generates a link class.
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navigation bar question

eh, i checked through the tutorials, and the ones i found didn't really make things easier for me, so i figure i'll try posing a question.

i want to add a link to my memories in the navigation bar. can someone explain to me how to that as simply as possible? i'm a slow learner.

help would be muchly appreciated!

thank you.
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