December 17th, 2004

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So in the course of creating a very different looking layout for Component, I ended up needing to edit the print_my_components function. I wanted to place all of the components inside of a div layer instead of a table, and um, yeah. I guess you could also use this as another place to enter in code for extra components, although you'd probably have to take out the logic statements for that. Anyway, I figured out the function, or something close to it, as it compiles & shows up correctly. Figured I'd post it here if anyone wants to tinker with it. Or correct it.:P

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there's a change thats coming through

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Hey -- I was wondering how you get rid of the journal title bar at the top of the journal.

I'd be really appreciative for any help, thanks!

(I've looked through the tutorials and couldn't find it, so if someone could direct me, that'd be great.)