December 31st, 2004


Hi! I've been working on creating several themes for myself so I can use them as skins (as mentioned in previous posts) - I pretty much got that understood on how to apply...but my questions lies here:
All I really want to do is have the themes be different colors with a different picture at the top of my page. I've had the picture at the top for a while, so that's easy enough - but the colors I'm at a loss!
I don't know what to use in the html and how to set them. I got some when I was playing around, but can't figure them all out - any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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You'll have to excuse me if I missed the answer to this somewhere, I'm new at Component/S2 customization, and I'm a bit overwhelmed. :P In my journal, there's a bar above my entries that says "oldvideocountry@lj". How would I go about getting rid of this completely? Thanks for all your great tutorials, they're a great help. <3

ETA: Another question..I've got my friends split into groups, but my navigation component only links to the main /friends there a way that I could change that to link to my different groups?
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Horizontal scrolling?

How would I go about adding a horizontal scrollbar to entries that are too wide? Like, say someone on your friends page posts some super-huge image that stretches your page to a bajillion pixels wide, and you want to add an x overflow onto that specific entry so it wouldn't effect the rest of the page. I'm guessing it would be possible with just a little tweaking of some of the other codes (such as this one), but I have absolutely no idea how to go about this. Anyone know?

(ps: forgive the incoherency of the post. I'm terrible at descriptives. A-duhur.)