January 1st, 2005

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Is there a way to keep your most recent entries page in component style but have your friends page still in generator? Or, is there a way to make things load faster (on my computer, my layout loads very slowly, and I thought maybe it was because of all the HTML or something)?
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(no subject)

Is there a way to force all of the the entries on a page to be exactly the same height and width as each other (with a vertical scroll bar) regardless of how short or long the entry is?

Also...how do you customize the color of the scroll bar.

Sorry is it has been posted before. I've done some trolling around and couldn't find the answer.
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font color!

I want to change the text color in my journal but I can't find the code. The first overrides in my journal look like this:

layerinfo "type" = "layer";

set entry_bgcolor = "#36091A";

set main_bgcolor = "#2c0816";

set header_bgcolor = "#371320";

set comp_bgcolor = "#621725";

Does anyone know a code for text color like.. set text_.. or something rather? Thanks :)
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Im new, im confused, HELP!!

I am new to paid accounts, S2, and component! Actually Im not even all that good at HTML but I pretty much know the basics. I just recently got a paid account and have the component style and dont know my way around S2 at all. I have read back through the FAQ's and tutorials but its really hard for me to follow. There are a few questions that I am asking that has to do with basic Component customizing.

- As I look through tutorials I see "print" alot and I have no clue what is meant by this.
- When you customize the layout do you do the "Layers, Theme" thing?
- Is there any master code to use that changes the size of entries, comments, centering and positioning of entries, background, and header like Generator?

Basically all I want to know is how to LOWER my entries so I can put a header, make the entires THINNER, add a header, and adding a background.

As I said I read all the tutorials and I couldnt hardly comprehend anything and I was just wondering if someone cause just give me basic information. Thanks for ANY help!