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Hello, i would like to know how to change the font and size of certain elements of the entries'date, in long format, like:
Monday 4th Decembar 2012

help ?
I want to be able to use a background image  for the background on the user comments header .

Any ideas how I would achieve this.

Somehow or another, I messed up my layout. I have 2 layers built, but how do I make one of them my parent layer (right now I have it on default)?
I'm using pamela_joy's component tutorial along with a few extras I've picked up here. I'm trying to get my entries to scroll horizontally without messing up the coding as I have it at the moment - too drastically, anyway.

The Vertical Scrolling tutorial works perfectly with the coding I have, but the one for Horizontal Scrolling doesn't. Is there a way to keep the way the vertical coding is set up but have it scroll horizontally instead?

Title your entry, please. Thanks!
can someone help me?

i don't know how to get the corners of the components to change to green...they stay gray and it's buggin me.

anyone know what i'm doing wrong?

any help is appreciated.