January 5th, 2005

Murder Of Two

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Hi, I'm new here, and (very) new to customizing S2. In fact, I just started customizing my Component layout tonight (with help from this community).

My first problem is (and I couldn't find this in the memories so I apologize if I overlooked anything), I can't seem to get my new theme to work fully on my friends page. Is there anything I can do to get customizations to work on ALL pages, not just my entries?

Thanks in advance.
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Okay, i'm fixing my layer codes and i had it all set and it said "compiled; no errors" as usual. but when i looked at my journal, it looks the same as it did before and has the same layer name as well even though i changed that. help?
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Murder Of Two

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I'm sorry for my stupid questions (though I'm not entirely sure how stupid they really are)..

Is there any way that I could change the font and font colors in the "leave comment" text boxes? For example, this community is able to use verdana in the comment boxes.

Also, I can never get the colored scrollbars to work. I don't know why. I've tried every code this community has provided, and none of them work. :\

Transparent Components

Hi I have a slight problem. I checked through the memories but didn't find anything. My LJ is set up with transparent components, Which I love, but my text is set to white because of my bg image. When Someone comments on an entry, the bg of the box is also white and it causes a problem, they cannot read what their writing. Is there anyway to change the text color just in the comment box? Thanks in advance!