January 7th, 2005

Murder Of Two

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Okay, I know this has been asked before, so I apologize. But I have tried (I think) just about everything, and nothing is helping.

Can someone please tell me how I can change the color of the tab corners?

Profile component

I used this tutorial to edit my profile component, and now my side components are doing something funky. I've looked through everything several times to see if I could find out what went wrong, but I have no clue.

Anyone have any ideas?

Nav bar addition?

I've looked through the tutorials and searched the community itself, but I haven't found anything that quite answers this.

I have my navigation bar on the top of my page and I want to add a link to my friendsfriends page. Is there code I can use to do that?
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So lost...


I was here about a month ago and received a good deal of help despite my stupid "newbie" type questions. Well, I decided that I wanted to "revamp" again but the more I tried the more of a mess I made and so I stopped and put my page back to the way it was and decided to come back for some more help.

I know I don't have things where they're supposed to be. I sort of just copied a blank stylesheet onto the main layer. I know it would probably help if i knew what did what but-- when it comes to things like this i'm just sort of clueless. I suppose i should get to my question...

I want to center a small header photo and have everything fit underneath it. No matter what settings and percentages I changed the text area and my profile components and such still stuck out around it. I also wanted to make my text area smaller in comparison to my calendar and profile components but when i tried to do that at one point i made everything disappear. All attributes to why i just don't play around lol So if *anyone* could help me out i'd be forever greatful!!!
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