January 9th, 2005

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randomised skins, custom background for each entry and FreeFind

This community is very helpful, I've read the tutorials, used some codes but still have some questions...

1. I really liked the idea of chicacintron with custom skins and the possibility for each user to choose what he prefers. But it would also be great to have a random skin loading (the same way like random userpics). Any possibility to do that? And yes, as far as random userpics are concerned - is there a way to have a random userpic for each entry?

2. Sometimes when you post a picture you might want to have a different backgorund (black, for example) instread of what you have predefined (like white)), and you just want it for that single post. Is there a way to have a different background for each entry?

3. The Freefind search feature (and actually the same for LJ search box) doesn't seem to recognise russian letters. The search itself seems to work correctly and you get the results, but on a search results page you always get a mess of webdings symbols or something instead of russian words. Any ideas how to fix that? Really cool feature and such a shame to loose it...

any help on any of these would be great, thank you.

PS: and I hope i'm not asking to much)

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I have a question having to do with the lists that can be found on the right side of the layout. I've seen people with lists of what their favorite books/movies/singer/ect are currently. I would really like to know how to get this.

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Thanks in advance.
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Calendar help?

Okay, I have two questions:

When I hit the "back" arrow on my mini-calendar, the colour of the calendar background changes! Does anyone know how I can fix this?

And I know that this has already been asked a zillion times, but I just can't seem to find an answer that will work: How do I get rid of the border around userpics on my friends page?

Thanks so much!
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Could somebody PLEASE help me?
I've read all the toutorials, but I'm really computer retarded.
I need to put this picture [http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v116/obscured/gardenstate.gif] as the header of my journal.
Is there any way that somebody could take that picture url, and place it in with all the codes that I would need, and then tell me where to put them? I would really really appriciate it, I really need the help.

thank you so much.
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I was going to try out the skinning layout thing. But then I got stuck when I tried to change the background colour, entry colour, etc. So I made a user layer, then had 2 theme layers. So when I change the background colour in the user layer, both theme layers' bg colour also change.

So I was wondering how or where do you go to configurate the colour in the user layer so that each theme layer's background differ? Or do you change the colour somewhere else?

Thanks mucho.
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I have read, and read, and read, and went back a month of entries. I understand most of what i need, but i still have 3 little quetions. I have added visuals so you know what i mean.

1. I still can not for the life of me get my journal to shrink to the size i want. I put in the code without any errors, and it shrunk it a bit, but even toying with the numbers now has me stuck at the same width no matter what i do.

2. On my top navigation bar i have the 4 standard links, however i don't want the previous and next links, is there a way to get rid of them.

3. Can i remove the crap in my picture/user icon box?

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I apologize in advance for a repeat question, I went back to early december. And I thank you kindly for any help you can offer.

EDIT: Thanks so much to brianna_aisling for help with question 1 and 2!!! However I am still loking for someone to help me possibly get my sizing fixed as in a fixed setting.

Skins and self-referential links

Hi all. I've been reading up on the skinning fad and have decided to give my readers some more options for viewing my journal.

I have a minor issue, though: how do I make sure that the skin applies to all of the associated pages? For example, I can click on a link to one of my skins, but if I click on the friends page from there, it reverts to my default style. Is there a way to force the style on associated lj pages? I've read around a little but I'm at a loss. I figured, hey, I know a community full of highly intelligent and extremely altruistic lj style gurus....

(Mama always said you catch more flies with honey ;) )

Thanks in advance for your help. :)
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If this is in the tutorials, I have no idea where to find it..

How would I go about adjusting the width of the components/entries?

EDIT: After I made this entry, I thought of another question I meant to ask, bot forgot about.

I've seen on some journals, there's a box around the mood/music part of the entry. I think I read a tutorial on it, but I didn't understand a word of it. Can anybody help me out with that?