January 10th, 2005

Help! Entry icons

Okay...im of course working on a layout...what i need to know is how do i add the entry icons so i can edit, add a memory to my journal entries?

Okay I realize my above post may have been confusing...soooo:

I want to add these ( & ) back to my layout.


Nav Bar

Hi, I'm trying to add an extra link to the bar at the top of the layout, I just want to add a link to the livejournal main page. I've tried using the Recreating the Navigation Bar tutorial but while I can add an extra link and change its name, I can't change the actual link the words link to.

I've been looking for a while, but I just can't find a tutorial that helps. Could anyone please direct me to a relevant tutorial? Thank you!
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I want to add a link to the bar at the very bottom of the page (the one with only forward/back links), but can't find the coding where I would do that. Does anyone know?

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I've just joined and have been scanning the journal for the better part of the morning trying to find something like my friends layout. If anyone out there has the code I'd be so thankful :)

I'm looking for something along the lines of this: packt
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I had someone help me with my lj, but was needing some added assistance for my fave lj links and such. If you could please im me then I will tell you what I am needing. Thanks, Laura
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hi i'm new to the whole paid account thing. i tried reading the tutorials for beginners but it's so confusing. i'm used to using the codes for s1 for free accounts.. my question is: how do i add another section to my side bar and be able to use html in it? where do i find the codes and where do i put it in