January 11th, 2005

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Two little things, which I hope won't be too much trouble

1. I added another component below my title bar, using one of the tutorials. I just want it to be the same width as the entries, since right now it's going across the whole page.

2. There's a space between my banner and title. Any way to bump that up?

Layer code in case you need it: http://www.livejournal.com/customize/advanced/layersource.bml?id=3291717&fmt=html
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Three questions

I tried searching for help with these in the tutorials section, but couldn't find links that clearly seemed to address them. If they're up somewhere, I apologize.

My first two questions come from the desire to emulate the look of raven_annabelle's entry and links components.

1.) How did you remove the border between the entry component and the main entry area? Since I use a single background color for both, I'd really like them to appear as a seamless single box.

2.) I would like to remove the lines between the links in my links list. Is there any way to do that without having to make it a separate text box and hardcoding everything?

3.) Is there a way to be able to specify the colours of the borders of the components? I would like them to match my header instead of seemingly being automatically selected.

If someone could either help me with the coding, or direct me to the proper tutorials, I would be very grateful. Thank you!
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BTVS Welcome to Sunnydale
  • ctofine

Problems with Reply Boxes....

I have done a search on the tutorials and have only found one possible solution to my problem. A solution which I could not get to work.

Whenever I am replying to anyone's entries or anyone is replying to mine, I get white on white. This is a recent occurance and I cannot remember changing anything that would have created this issue.

I have tried the solution (found after searching this LJ) and can't get it to work in my style layer.

Does anyone have any help they might give?

Many thanks in advance...
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Shadow Filter?

I was browsing through Madarin Design and found a div tag ( div style="width:x;height:y;filter:shadow(color:gray,strength:30, direction:135);" ) for putting shadow filters "under" images. Is it possible to do this to all the components? If so, how would I add this to my theme layer?
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