January 13th, 2005

Murder Of Two

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How can I get an image above my entries? I've used the tutorial, but it won't work. No errors or anything; it just won't apply itself to the layout.

I used to have it, but I deleted it, and now I can't figure out why it won't work.


ok , i am a picky person and i change stuff about my layout every day hehe.. but now i am stuck.

where the comments are they are on the left side, my link text is in the middle, and my edit and add memories text is on the right.

my question is i want them all on one side either the right or left side is fine.
so it would looke like

1 comment | reply | link |edit |memories. i have tried adding divs to this to make them all align but its failing. so.. anyone know how to make them all on the same side in an orderly fashion? hehe


Edit: I got it worked out, i had to rewrite some stuff. but thanks you all.

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my entry boxes are very big. and i want to make them alot smaller, and also bring them down from the top a little bit. i looked at the tutuorials for centering and shrinking, but it mentioned html. but i thought you couldnt use that with s2 layouts. i dont know im really new at this, i just want my entries to look like ohcupcake. im sorry if this is obvious.