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Okay.. Two questions.

How do I adjust the alignment of the date?

I added background images to the tabs (date tab and component tabs). I can't figure out why, on the right side of the component, there's a black space, so that the box won't connect. Does this have something to do with the image width and if so, how would I adjust that?

EDIT: I figured out the background image thing.

Thanks for any help you guys can provide. :)
I'd like to display an RSS feed in a component, something like the person on this website is doing (Netflix Stuff at the bottom of the right hand info bar):

Is this an impossibility since javascript and iframes are unavailable?
bradfitz' post to s2styles is here.
previous component_help entry is here.
here is a script that i wrote that loads images from the folder using the default color settings.
the provided form allows you to load the images with your own colors.

new images as they are added can be found here.
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ok im trying to learn how to use component. my concern is where do i put all the codes?
I have tried and tried to understand this whole component thing,which i find really awesome.I really want my journal to be in component layout,i would actually like is like this wartime,just like the way its set up,not like her header and background lol.Im willing to do anything for someone to help me,i dunno if its a bad thing posting this..but i just really dont understand any of it,is it possible to share the code or no?,i dunno.It seems like its so easy for you guys lol,im really slow haha.Welp thank you for your time!buh byes!=D
Title your entry, please. Thanks!
A stupid question.

How can I make the subject and date/time always be in uppercase?
I finally figured out how to put in a picture between the comment buttons! Now the problem is all of my colors are gone (I can fix that with the regular customizations, right?) and it doesn't show up all the time. Is there any way to make the little between comments thing show up all the time other than posting a comment on every entry?