January 20th, 2005


3d entry borders stretching friends page.

well i was trying to incorperate my 3d entry boxes like i did my metalic layout. well the problem i am having is it makes my friends page so huge . it stretches the layout no matter what width i set it at. that means the page is wider than what i wanted for my layout. is there any way to shrink the friends page to match the recent page? i already use the shrinking and centering code, but with my 3d entry borders, its making it stretch and i dont know how to fix it. friends view with the border as you can clearly see both pages are different, recent is the size i want, friends is not the size i want.
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Moving Navigation Bar to the Right, just above the Profile Component

EDIT: I WAS ASSISTED BY tricky_disco

First off I want to thank everyone who has been so helpful to me, thus far. This really is a wonderful site and terrific resources.

Now on to my question:

I have looked back at several entries over the past few weeks and over the recreate navigation bar tutorial trying to find the answer to this question, but no such luck. I've seen several layouts with what I want my navigation bar to do, so I know it is possible (for instance http://www.livejournal.com/users/mightyafrodite/).

Am I just not looking close enough at the Recreate Navigation Bar tutorial? Is the answer in there? Thanks!
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