January 22nd, 2005

♠ Ended up at her place.

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ok i made my layout ... but like i try putting my header and now it dosent work anymore ..
yesterday it was ugly now its ok but i whant my header and i put the code in and everything . i need someones help . if someone could do it for me !?
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Just a few quick questions. :) I'm new (paid member as of today!), so, please bear with. And yes, I've read the memories and two pages back.

I have a list of books I'm reading on the side of my journal and it scrolls (I used code v.3). This seems to cancel out the thing where it show the icon i used to post on the side of my entry. How do I fix that? And how do I make another scroll box to list something else? Duplicating the code won't work. Last one: How do I change my currents? I didn't search too hard for a link on that one, so I'll do that now, but thanks for any and all help!

Tv/music Components

I'm having a hard time to get them to work. Normally I can figure most of it out via trial and error but I can't seem to get these to work at all. 

In laymans terms where exactly to I paste the code once I have filled in all my data for my shows/music etc
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image header and journal size

Ok I need help. I know there are tutorials for this, and I have read and re-read so many tuts here to figure this out, but each one has different info and I'm getting lost. I have created user layers, theme layers, put information on both and still I can't figure out what I am doing wrong because it never looks right. I wonder if someone can just point me in the direction? Collapse )

Thank you to anyone who can help me.
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comment form?

is there a way to customize thepost comment/reply form? Strating with the layout and the way the boxes look, anod onto the titles/names/buttons and so on?