January 24th, 2005

date format

i've been looking around and i haven't found it yet :(

im wondering how to change the Date Format, not the yyyy/dd/mm thing but how to change their styles.

like make the word TUESDAY blue, and JANUARY yellow, etc.
cross my heart

(no subject)

hey i have a question....how do i add info about myself in the section on the sidebar where your icon is? ive seen in done on other journals but i have no clue how to figure it out...so if someone could please help me that would be awesome!
Newt because reasons

MBTV component help

I just wanted to say that this community's awesome and it's helped me so much.

That said, I've been looking all over, pages back and the MBTV tutorials, and I don't know how to size the pictures that go into the component. Are they supposed to be a certain size? If so how, do I size it in the code or do they size themselves? I have no clue and if it's been answered before just point me toward the tutorial and I'll shut up.