January 25th, 2005

Murder Of Two

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For whatever reason the tutorials to change the date/time format won't work for me. It keeps giving me errors, and the date/time codes are always highlighted. Any further help anybody could give me?

Also, how could I have the time after the date?
The Cheat Kinopio

Styles not being shown on reply/entry page

I'm not really sure if this is the place for it but it's the best resource I could think of. Basically, I'm in the midst of changing my Component style and realized that the only page for me that doesn't show any of it is the reply/entry page. Now, I've noticed this page will match the chosen style for other users of Component, but not my own.

So now I have 2 questions: 1) Is the style of your reply page dependant on your account type (ie. myself being an Early Adopter) and 2) Is there a property I can set to allow my reply/entry pages to show in the same style as my main page?

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Hi i`m new to this community and i`ve been working on this for hours now. I don`t know if this has been asnwered already but how do you add a picture to your profile? Such as something like this __heiressicons  even more so this is what i`m looking for whorelikedior .

I really need help on this, please and thank you.

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Murder Of Two

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Okay, I finally got the metadata box to work. But now.. I have a semi-stupid question. How do I adjust the width of the box itself? Everytime I attempt to adjust it, it messes up. :\