January 26th, 2005

Murder Of Two

three more questions..

I was looking at pyaari's layout. And now, I have three questions..

1. How would I be able to make my recent icons be in the entry, opposed to on the side?
2. How would I put the subject where the date is, and the date where the subject is?
3. And how can I get the links along the bottom, and the borders around them?

Thanks in advance. Sorry I've been asking so many questions lately. :x
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Running into some trouble...

Hey everyone -- I've only just started really customizing my journal as of a few days ago, and I've managed to get pretty far with the help of both pamelajoy and the memories here, but I must have missed a couple things, because I'm still stuck on a couple things.

The problems I'm having are probably simple to fix, but I've tried as many things as I can think of, and so far nothing has helped.  Collapse )

Thanks, everyone.  Feel free to shoot me for being too annoying, if you must.
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(no subject)

I'm about to pull my hair out trying to fix this problem. I added a new component to my layout for Links. Except the links aren't being added on top of each other. They are being added side by side.

What I mean is, it looks like this:

Television Without PityFametracker

When it should look like this:

Television Without Pity

You can see what I mean if you check out my journal. It's underneath the side icons. How do I get them on two seperate lines? I'm going batty over here.

Collapse )

Thanks in advance!
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(no subject)

This might be a really dumb question, but I'm asking anyway...

Are there any basic Component layouts that are public that people can view, or use to tweak to their needs?

I am pretty knowledgable with html, and can usually figure things out, but I just keep getting lost. I have followed so many tutorials here and have actually gotten pretty far with my journal, however every time I do something new, something else doesn't work. The tutorials are all written very well and clearly, but since they were primarily written for one specific function, and by different people, and at different times when functions may or may not be used, they just don't all work together like a puzzle. I'm tired of being confused so if I could see other's theme layer code (complete from top to bottom, and without a gazillion notes), it might make more sense to me. I don't want to copy anyone's work, I like what I have so far on my own journal. I just want to know how it's all supposed to be laid out, because mine looks like a train wreck. :)

If this isn't possible, I'll understand. But any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Image box

Is there an easy way to add an image box to one side of your journal, like the calendar and links box. I don't understand how all this overiding a stylesheet works just yet. If I could just get the free text box to accept html that would be perfect.

Thanks for help or suggestions.
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FF vs IE

Hullo. :) I'm apart of the community with another LJ name too, I've been very sucessfull in getting things to look the way I want them to, you are all excellent.

My question today is - firefox vs internet explorer. If I code my header and entries to align right - it'll do it in IE but not in FF. Any tips or tricks that will stop me from pulling out my hair? :)

Nevermind, am stupid. :) Had something set to "auto" that didn't need to be - now I just got to make it move up and I'm all good. ;)

(no subject)

Hello everyone! Ok i know this is going to sound really bad, and most likely no one will want to accept my proposal. But would anyone be willing to please, i am begging you or anyone if they'd be up to the challenge to put together the overrides and all the little things i need for my journal to look like this whorelikedior .

I`ve tried, i really have, but i just don`t seem to understand the tutorials and overrides, well at least not for the component. This style is really what i've been looking for, if anyone, anyone at all can help, assist me step by step, or just fully make and send me all the overrides, codes and special links i need to place where, I`d be the most thankful person ever. If anyone decides to please e-mail me at wildchica2541@yahoo.com thank you and i love anyone would like to help thanks! I`d adore this, thank you.