January 28th, 2005


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hi, I posted a couple of days ago about changing the colors on my layour. i did figure out the codes, but I guess the real problem i have had is getting my customizations to take action. they dont show up...It just stays as the layout theme I picked initally....

I dunno why it isn't working. I did have to switch to a PC to enter the codes, but maybe I'm just a moron and didnt see some "apply button....? Any suggustions?

PS Thanks for helping me on the last one, just wanted to update.... 8D
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Square Custom Title Component and Date

I used the Custom Title Bar Comp but I'm also using Square components and I'm not sure how to convert the title bar comp to a square component.

Also, currently, the component that has the date and title on my layout is automatically adjusting to the size of the text, but I want it the width to be the same as the entry component.

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Once again, I need your help. I've tried everything but can't seem to find in my component layout where to change the code so I can change the reply boxes, seen here, from black to blue. Can anyone help? Thanks.