January 29th, 2005

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Adding a nifty link effect

I checked the memories, and these are the closest tutorials that I was able to find.


I added the code to my GLOBAL_HEAD, and it works on the example page that they bring up (LJ default). The code works on my personal webpage, too. However, it doesn't work on my LJ.

I got the tutorial for this from howto, if that helps any.

Code I Used:
  • shinken

Stylesheet help

Ok, I was determined to figure this one out on my own and not ask for help, alas, I've been trying to figure out how to get this to work with the other codes I've got going for days with no luck. A friend of mine who got her S2 stylesheets to work is stumped as well. I merged the "Shrinking and Centering" code from here and the "Components on both Sides" so I could have the components on both sides and it would all be centered. No problemo, that works just fine with no errors. Then once I found that you can do stylesheets (the only thing I'm concerned about it changing my scrollbars colours) and attempted to put those in..... I got errors. I've searched through the community for other methods or to see if I can catch what I'm doing wrong and nothing has worked that I've tried and I'm at a loss at what to try next to get it to work.

I know it's probably something rather simple and I'm just looking over it completely, but if anyone could look at what I've got going here from my layer and just tell me where I need to put it or what I need to change, I would love you forever and thank you so much in advance!

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(no subject)

I've just created my first component layout, and while searching through these FAQ things, none of them make any sense. Well, they do, and then I place them in my layers & they always come up with errors. I think I need someone to dumb this down for me... If anyone could help me (on AIM too: butcndy).... That would be excellent. Maybe you could tell me why whatever I do it comes up with errors?

Thanks a lot <3
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(no subject)

Is it possible to change every single color for the component layout? I got half way done changing colors and noticed a few things I couldn't find in the stylesheet to change from the default colors. For example, I couldn't figure out how to change the colors for the rounded part of the entry top. I couldn't find how to change the background color of where the person's user pic lays if they comment on an entry. Those two among other things. Is there any extra codes I need to enter into the stylesheet? And if so where can I find such codes?