February 2nd, 2005

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Hi, I am having a heck of a time figuring out how to make my componant layout skinny and centered and nothing I do is making it work. So I wonder if anybody has a code I can, well, use. A picture at the top would be keen too. I'll credit you in my info.

Completely removing page title bar?

I'm deeply sorry if this has been covered before. I searched and couldn't find a post that touched upon this (only how to edit the page title bar and stuff), but I would like to get rid of the bar with the title - the thing right below the navigation bar - is that possible. And if so, how?

Thanks in advance!
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wow. screwed this up. any ideas?

okay, i really need help. i thought i did this all correctly, i followed the tutorials and everything...compiled the theme layer with no errors...

and yet, i come up with this.

under the cut is my theme layer as i compiled it, if that is of any help to anyone.

Layer ID#: 3475706

Collapse )

my entry text is gone, the icons & my main graphic (which is centered in the code) are weirdly arranged, and instead of being set up similar to that of wolfhearted (which is what i was going for), i obviously didn't do that...

and: in s1 there is a code that retrieves stuff from your userinfo page (for example) like the code "%%name%%" will retrieve whatever you entered as the name. obviously, since the actual text "%%name%%" instead of the retrieved name appears in the profile, any suggestions in that direction would be much appreciated.

thanks in advance for anyone's help! i'm desperate.
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Ok, I feel rediculous even having to ask this, I apologize in advance.

I was messing around with my layouts earlier, and changed to something other than component, and then went BACK to component. When I went back, all of my customizations stopped showing up. My user layers were still all there, and everything. I just can't get anything other than the default component layout to show up. I didn't edit anything at all other than changing the layout style in the dropdown box thing, and I know everything is 100% correct because it worked fine until today. :( I'm beyond frustrated and if anyone could help me, I'd be forever grateful. <3
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Extra components not showing

Only the profile, navigation and calendar components are showing in my sidepanel, even though I have it set to show the page summary and free text components too. Any extra components I try to add aren't visible either.

I don't think it's a problem with any of my customisations, as I set it to one of the default styles and they still didn't show. I've used component in the past and they've shown up fine.

Any help would be appreciated. :)

hey everyone!

so, after reading the tutorials for hours, and trying to make my layout the way i want it and not succeding, i have decided to post here.

i'm trying to get my entries (tables?) to be narrower and in the center.
also, i want my header to be in the top CENTER... not on the left side, which is where it is now.

help please!!!
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2 questions...

I'm happy with my current layout but there are 2 things still bothering me...

1. How can I make my date "fancy"? I'm looking for an effect similar to what cry_gaia has.

2. How can I make the component above my entries square? I tried using the "Square Components" Tutorial but it doesn't do anything to my top component. Maybe I'm doing something wrong...

Any help is more than appreciated :D
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Issues with components on left and right side of journal

Ok, I'm attempting to put components on the left and right side of the journal. I started with the tutorial I could never get anything in the custom side to show up correctly. Also what I really want to do is mix and match my custom components with the normal ones which the tutorial doesn't let you do. Any tips or code that can help or fix it? Thanks
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