February 3rd, 2005


Overrides and banners

I apologize if this is in the tutorials but most of the stuff I read went right over my head. I’m new to being a paid member so it’s a bit confusing. I want to change my lj to look similar to this [Bad username: ] with a banner at the top. I saw that there is a tutorial how to do that but I don’t understand at all how to override. Can someone explain it to me as simply as possible?
  • angiel3

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I'm looking for the exact code to add a design or picture as a background, not to the page itself, but just to the components and entry backgrounds. What function does this go under?

And secondly i can't seem to get my calendar how i want. I've done the edit the minicalendar tutorial and thats all in there. But it didn't change anything. I'm trying to get borders around each box, if anyone knows what i mean, please help.

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Hi Everyone,

I apologize if this has been asked. Please direct me to the link if it was. =)

Question: How do you place a picture where the title of your journal normally appears? For example, at my journal it has "Tracy's Journal: My tribulations, my determination, my discovery, my worthwhile life." Is there a way I can place a picture right under it? I'd greatly appreciate any help!


CHANGE OF MIND: Actually removing the title bar completely and replacing it with a picture? Thanks!