February 4th, 2005

Square component

I'm sorry I'm asking this, because I'm sure it's been covered over and over, but how do I make my component layout square? I'm happy with the colours and text and layout I have now in my journal, but I really want the square format ... and I should mention here that I'm completely computer illiterate, and don't understand the tutorial posted here on this community ... thanks in advance!
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Countdown Clocks?


I realize that javascript is not allowed on LJ. Is there another way to write up code in html for a simple countdown clock (day only, no need for minutes and seconds)?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

ok. i suck and havent updated the tutorial list.

link me to the thingies that need to be added.

the code for the tutorials list looks like:
section|journal|itemid|threadid (if comment)|hover text for link|link text for link

section: getting started, components, page layout, etc.
journal: s2component, component_help, etc.
itemid: #####.html
threadid: .html?thread=#####
hover text for link: extended short summary (how to make square components)
link text for link: short title (square components)

gimme a list.

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Back again.

Hey.Ive been customising my jounral pretty well. I dont know how to code so its just a game of see what works. So far so good but I cant now get my pictures for my mood theme to show up.

I wanted to change my date format, so I took the code from this entry


Only I had to put the rest of the code in for the entries or they wouldnt show up.

Now they are fine but My mood theme icons dont show up.
Is there anything Im doing wrong?
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I hope you can help. I really liked my mood theme :-/
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alrighty... in addition to this, do we have an idea for a mini component idiot's guide?

a list of common mistakes that we keep seeing in here. ie: this. i hope milk_000 doesnt take offense to my using their post, its just an example.

im looking for something i can <ul>-ize and put into the getting started section of the tutorials.
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header corners


i am having a very irritating problem with my component headers. the corners of the headers are gray, and i can't figure out for the life of me, after reading my coding and reading the tutorials on here, what the problem is. i have made a screen cap, follow the lime green arrows:

apparently the corners are images with names such as http://stat.livejournal.com/palimg/component/curve-top-left.gif/p0ffffff1b3b3b32e5e5e5 but... that doesn't help me much.
if you would like or need to see the code i have i can pase it here.
thanks! :)