February 5th, 2005

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Can someone direct me to a tutorial to be able to separate the componetns from the entries, so that the components are on the far left of the screen and my entries appear in the center of the screen? Much thanks in advance!

still looking for help... using the tutorial code to customize vertical spacing of components


Admittedly, I am newish to customizing with S2. I am trying to use the code that kunzite1 provided HERE to modify the space between my components.

I am confused by the final bit of code:

then, we need to add stuff to Page::print_custom_head()
height: number of pixelspx;

...yes, I realize the "then we need to add..." portion is instructions, and NOT part of the code - ant that I am to swap an actual number for "number of pixels".

My problem: Where exactly are the "Page::print_custom_head()" lines? Is this in function print_stylesheet(), function print_free_text(Page p), function print_profile(Page p), or elsewhere? Does it belong in the theme layer?

Or is there a simpler mechanism to increase the vertical spacing of the components?

...any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Johnny Gutiar

I need so much help

Seriously its sad.
I would love some help!
Nothing is cooperating with me, and if someone would be lovely enough to just let me email them my pass and for them to help me put up everything i want, i would love them forever.
I have completely given up!
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I really need help with this.

I followed your instructions for moving my components downward so I can have an image at the top with a nav bar. It worked before, but now it doesnt!!!

i wanted to have a banner on top, and at the same time shrink and center all the components.

PLEASE help me out. I don't know what to do!!!
  • angiel3

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Okay i have my Component layout set up so that everything fits right under my header, as in its all the same length. But thats only on 800x600 resolution, which is what i have. And on anything higher, everything is way wider than the header. How exactly do you make it fit right in all resolutions, and be clear enough to still read.

Oh man, this is harder than I thought

Sorry to post this again so soon, but I'm still having difficulties!
I tried going to the tutorial that you have for shrinking, centering while having an image at the top. I entered what I could get of the information you have, and this is what I got:

Compile error: line 3, column 1: Unknown token encountered while parsing layer: [TokenStringLiteral] = <<

I don't know what this means...

I am so lost with this S2 stuff. I feel like a moron