February 10th, 2005

  • nanomu

entryDate randomly bolding

Ok so I have pretty much everything in my layout working, but the date is bolded randomly every few entries, despite having
entryDate { text-decoration: none; }
set. Any guesses as to why this is happening and how to fix it?
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EDIT: Half solved. It's centered, but it's still the same size =/

I know there's a tutorial posted on this, but it really confused me, so I was wondering if anyone could point me to a different one, or help me.

I want my components and entries to be the same width as the picture at the top of my journal. A bit like this journal, except of course I have the image on top. I know thats not a great example, since it's not exactly what I want, but right now I cant find a good example =/.

Please help? Just to tell you, I'm not good with this at all, it confuses me. If it's possible, I'm a lot better off with a copy-and-paste code then a bunch of different instructions. Also, if this helps, my image is 700 pixels wide =).
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  • leni_ba

New layout, new questions

1) A couple posts ago I saw the tutorial about how to get the header date to the right. I tried following it, but I obviously was doing something wrong because I got *only* the headers while my entries had disappeared.

2) I have a Random Quotes component. Any idea how to put it inside my Profile Component? I tried with the Mixing Components Tutorial but... nope.

3) This is sillier, I just know I've missed something obvious. I blame that I've been trying to do 1) and 2) on my own. How do I get my 01:22 pm time format into 13:22?

ETA: All fixed. Thank you for the help! 11/02/05
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I'm sure this must be me ;o)

Is this possible?

Hi, I'm just starting out on my component design - I don't really want to start working on it flat out until I'm sure I can do the following:

Is it possible to get rid of the Header bar? ie the one that says: Entries Friends Calendar User Info (Website) Previous

I really don't want that there, in particular the User Info and the Friends links.

Sorted! Cheers for your help guys :oD
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  • vaamped

(no subject)

This is a really stupid question, but I'm not so good with code and I don't understand most of the tutorials (stupid, I know). Anyways, I'd like to change the width of my entry boxes, but I'm not quite sure how. Also, I'd like to put some images in my free text box but whenever I enter the <img src code it gives me an error message. Help please? Thanks in advance.
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Adding User Pic Component?

I've searched through the last 5 pages of entries and found nothing so sorry if this has been asked.

I recently got a paid account again so I could customize my journal. I've never worked with LJ codes before so a lot of it makes no sense to me. I have my layout the way I want it with 1 exception. I want to add an extra component (or 2 if possible.) The main one I want to add is to include all my user pics. Like how nothing_less and neversince have on theirs. I realize their journals aren't Component style (one is Opal, the other is completely customized.) But there has to be a way to add extra boxes to the side.

I tried the tutorial here and all it did was change my theme's colors to the default ones.

Could someone please help me add this component? If possible, I'd also like to add another 'links' type component box.

Is it just me or...

Does the "Comment" page [the place where you actually type the comment or reply] suddenly stretch istelf? Yesterday it wasn't doing it and then today it simply started stretching itself with no apparent reason o_O
Here's a picture in case you don't know what I mean: click
EDIT: I've come to the conclusion that it's the textbox what causes it to stretch because it's suddenly huge. Is there any way of making it a certain size?
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updating the tutorials. link.
mini component idiot's guide. link.

i will also remove the tutorial menus from the main layout so that the search box will hopefully become useful again.

the tutorial mode by adding ?.tutorials=1 to the url will still work.