February 12th, 2005

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Reply page customization?

I'm wondering if any of you Component wiz people have figured out how to completely customize the reply page? I have tried all sorts of various codes, attempting function print_reply, etc., however, without knowing the complete reply page variables, I can't seem to do it.

This was all I could find pertaining to anything remotely close to it, but I'm obviously needing more than that.

My main objective on the reply page, is to remove my user pic, or to wrap my entry text around it to get rid of the dead space. If I *can* customize the comment form, that would be a nice bonus, but like I said, my main objective is to either remove the user pic from ONLY that page, or to wrap the entry text around it, again, ONLY on that page.

Thanks in advance to anybody who can help! =o)

[edit] Just to clarify, I'm talking about the page to LEAVE a comment, not to read the comments. And I see that aelana had trouble editing the entry and reply pages as well....maybe it's simply not possible...?[/edit]

Mind Fart

I want to put my subject in the header that holds the time date etc.  I wan to align the date to the right and the subject to the left.  I have figured out how to get it in there, but it increases the hight of the header and the subject will appear on a different height than the date.


An error I keep getting

Every time I comment on my own journal this error appears. At first it was ok, as long as everything worked, but now it's really starting to bug me because it keeps on appearing, and it's only on MY journal.
Any ideas as to why this happens? It it a problem with my layer code or with my computer?
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(no subject)

I'd like my components to be on the right side - and I have it set up like that in my Advanced Customizations & Individual Settings but it only shows up on the left side. The code in AC is behind the cut.. Can anybody see if I'm doing something wrong?

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No Components

Problem solved, thanks kunzite1!

What should I set my journal to if I don't want additional components on my Friends Page?

(And just a heads up, I was using the Calendar component on this Community to go back to January and the main page loads)

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Don't know if that's a problem exclusive to me/my browser.