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Hey all ... I have a weird problem here.

So, I used the square component tutorial, and then did a lot of extra editing to make it look like it does now. However, if you scroll down my main page, you noticed something strange with the headers of the Entry components (specifically, with the blue part where the entry date is). It seems that sometimes the light-blue part extends to all but 1 pixel on the left, and 1 pixel on the right, which is the desired behavior of my style. However, other times this "border" is bigger than one pixel. Sometimes it happens on one side, sometimes both.

click to see my code if you're still interested in the solutionCollapse )

Any help or insight would be much appreciated.
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Hello all. I was just curious. How do people put pictures at the top of their journals? That is all. <3
Right now I'm nit-picking my current layout, trying to get rid of all the bugs. For the most part I like it but I have a little problem.

When I'm as school, I use a Mac (OS 9) and Internet Explorer (5) to view livejournal. While I'm school I have the odd problem that the wording for my dates, component titles and navigation links disappearing. I don't know if this is happening because of the browser (its old and needs to be updated, but unfortunately, I can't update it) or if its something I have thats wonky in my code.

And ideas on why this is happening is much loved.

You can see a screenshot of what I'm talking about here. All my code is here.

Thankyew & have a good day.
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I know I'm a dodo, but can someone tell me why my component boxes don't square off? *puzzled*

EDIT: Problem solved by panda_cookie!
I'm not sure if this can even be done but I figured I'd ask anyway. I have some icons in one of my component boxes. Is it possible to put text under each icon? I've tried doing a buch of stuff but nothing works.
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I have a question...

On my journal, the "Hearing" & "Watching" parts on the right of my journal entries, how do I change the color of the scrollbars? I don't want it to be pink, I'd like it to be gray to match my journal, ya know. I didn't see anything about it in the memories. Help???

also, how do I make it where when you go to comment & read the comments on an entry, its a picture?
just like this journal:
K, y'all know the drill: 'New to S2'... 'I'm stuck'... oh, don't forget 'HELP!'

Here's what I'm looking to do-

1) I'd like to reverse the date and time if possible. Doesn't need to be as fancy as turkeyphant has with the links for the dates and all, just 'day, mnth. date, year - HH:mm' No links, no GMT... just flip 'em around from what I have on my journal now.

2) I'd like to center the date, but leave the icons to the left if doable. Not a deal breaker...

3) Is it possible to bold the time, too?

Would you believe that's all I'm looking to do? I like the colors fine, the layout is perfect for me, so on 'n' so on. Just those three things.

So: I've been rattling around LJ and component help for the last week, and I've managed to answer my original question thankfully. Looking at all the great stuff around, I've been looking into adding a couple more customizations but have been stumped. Ugh... I'm so close I can *taste* it, but it's still eluding me. (While I would appreciate the code outright, a little 'why' as well as 'where' would be appreciated even more.)

I don't have anything set up in my 'theme' layout, everything I've read says it's for 'colors only' so I've left it be. My user layout for your perusal...

Closing drill: 'Stupid question'... 'sorry if it's been asked'... 'thanks much!'

Wait- I meant the last one! Thanks much in advance!
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Is it possible to use the square components with components on both sides?
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Hey, conserning my current component layout (mother)

I dabble quite a bit in CSS, but how to get your scrollbar to be on the left just leaves me speechless. I have already tried the usual style and div code for it but it doesn't work and just interupts the colors on my scrollbar (sort of interfers in that string of style).
Basically, I was curious of there's a way to get it to work with S2?

One more thing. My entries coloumn and links column are considered one table in my coding. I was curious how to get them to seperate and have my links column positioned all the way to the right and my entries on the left?

Thanks! <3