February 17th, 2005

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Adding Smilies to your post/comments

This is a tutorial on how to add smiley images to your posts/comments. For example when you type :) it'll be displayed as , and :( will be displayed as . You can choose which smilies you want to convert and what image to convert them to.

This only works if you are viewing your journal in your own style. Your friends won't be able to see the images if they read your entry on their friend's list.

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Add World Clock --Know of any compatible scripts?

I am looking to add a world clock to a new component box. I am unable to find a compatible script (they all seem to be java)

I really would like to have it since I have LJ Friends around the world and we also chat online and I can get an idea of the time of day it is when they are posting or we are chatting.

I'm not looking for anything complicated. It can be as simple as something like the one at this link with a drop down menu and the time display underneath.

If anyone has any leads or can give me some tips on installing one into a new component box I would really appreciate it!

Thanks in advance!


Hello, I am new here! I have made this background http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v179/sagewriter/ariel_bg.jpg and was trying to make it look good. I then found this person http://www.livejournal.com/users/enchanted_star/ and I really love they're layout. I asked them how they made it, or if they could help me, but they just refffered me to you guys. I have looked through the tutorials, but I really don't understand them. Any help would be great as I have no idea what to do!!
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Free Text Showing Up Twice

In order to change the order of my components, I followed daimones's advice and set my journal to:
    set first_position = "profile_order" ;
    set second_position = "navigation_order" ;
    set third_position = "free_text_order" ;
    set fourth_position = "calendar_order";
But now my Free Text Components are showing up twice. I don't think I've posted them twice in my layer, but here is the full code, just in case: Collapse )

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when i was doing my layers to add the scrollbar in my entries, it changed the position of the edit and memories button. i'm ok with that, but the memories button is on top of edit. how can i get them to be side by side?

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