February 18th, 2005

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Opacity in different browsers?

I really hate to bother you guys, but reading this community has been a great help and I just had one question about transparencies that I couldn't seem to find an answer to. I have my entry and component backgrounds set to ~75% opacity using the print_custom_head code from this page - it works fine on a Mac using Firefox or Camino, but in Safari and Internet Explorer all of the backgrounds still show up as solid colors. I've tried to get around this a couple of different ways but really don't know much about it, and am not sure whether this is a known problem or just something really stupid about the code or customizations that I'm doing wrong. It's nothing important, of course, but it's been driving me crazy the longer I try to figure it out, and any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks-
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Entry boxes

Is it possible to make the entry boxes a certain height ?

What I want to do is make them not go smaller than the height of the user pic and username/community name.  Going bigger is fine, I just want to set a minimum height. 


Little pic?

Hi all...I have noticed in other people's and communities journals that they have a little picture in the address bar (or tabs in Firefox) and was wondering where in the code (and what it is) that should go.  Thanks!
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[help!] getting rid of/moving things and code for comment page

EDIT: 12:53AM -- Thanks to those who helped me fix my code. All three points are addressed and I hope my post will help others.


I recently started playing with Component and I've got a layout finished, except for two things I'd really like to get fixed.

1. there's a box above my entries that has my journal's title and subtitle in it. I would like to know if I could get rid of it.

2. is there any way I could move the icons for 'memories' and 'edit post' from the left side of the .entryHolderBG? I want to move it right down next to the comment/reply links so that they're ALL there in a uniform line.

3. is there a code that lets you modify the comment page? I have a code for the reply page (which is code I actually yanked from one of my opal layers and fiddled around with). I DID try a comment page code I took from one of my old opal layouts, but it ended up printing out double reply boxes (only MY replies to people's comments).

here is my code: click, it pops up in a new window... or it SHOULD

Thanks to all who can help!
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(no subject)

I've been using Component for well over a year now, and suddenly my style has gone from Component to ...something else Generator. I've played around with my layers, and while any modification of The Boxer works, Variable Flow is also Generator.

Any clue as to what's going on?

Ok, so apparently now I've been through the looking glass and out the other side--everything is normal again.

(I'm too fragile for this, LJ!)
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Back to the opacity again..

I've tried the codes provided to me, but nothing seems to work.

Collapse )

If someone could help me out here, I'd be eternally greatful. I've been trying to get this to work for a looong time now.
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Mood & music

I know this must be a vely silly css question, but how can I change the looks of the mood and the music lines, such as image align, colors etc..? Brownsing here I read that you must put this information inside a <*div> <*/div> tag to edit it... how can I do so?

Thank you! :)
  • fuzps


does LJ database number entries? Not the URL number, but the "number number"? I know it counts the total number of entries... if it does, is there any way to display that number in the title? like "#520: title of the entry" ??

Got it!
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Could someone please tell me how to add a horizontal scrollbar to my entries? I would like the entries to remain the width I specify and not change with a picture. I was hopin a horizontal scrollbar would do the job. Also, is there anyway that the sidebar can begin at the top of the header and not be even with the entries?
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(no subject)

Hi.  I'm a first time poster here, and really need some help.  I just got a paid account at the beggining of the month and have been trying non-stop to get a nice looking layout.  All I want is a couple extra components, squared off components, a header image, and for my journal to be smaller & centered.  I've tried the codes, but I dont know what I'm doing wrong because they will not work, error after error pops up.  If anyone could help me...maybe explain a little, or aim me to help me out that'd be great.  I'm usually a quick learner...this just isnt working for me though....

HELP! New to Live Journal S2 and Component!!!!

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have a layout like the user heartflections - I think her layout is absolutely gorgeous. Of course I will change the graphics and everything but I really have no idea how to do the code or anything - if anyone could literally give me an elementary version step by step on what to do it would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you for your time. My e-mail is neggyteal@hotmail.com and my MSN messenger contact is babeyxox@hotmail.com in case someone is on and can walk me through it. Thanks so much!!!

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Font changes..

I used to have no problem doing this in S1, but I can't seem to do it with S2..

How would I get it so italicized, bold, underlined, etc. words do something different? For example, italicized words are in Times New Roman, bold words are a different color..

Thanks to sssexygirl for the help. :)