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I just got a paid account last night and I'd like to know how to make my entries just a little smaller and make the component boxes on the side just a tad bigger (maybe, looking at it again, might leave that alone) and how to add a couple more component boxes for personal things, quotes, links, you know the drill.

And how to upload a custom mood theme after you have it onto photobucket. Oh and how to get your icons to post next to each of your entries. Oh and the override etc for adding a header to the component style.

Thank you!!
How do you change the color of the date and time text?
I saw this a long time ago, but I don't think it's logged anywhere.

When someone decides not to make a title for their post is it possible to make it say "No Subject" instead of nothing.


I really want an announcement in my journal, but I do not want the comments box, or the subject on it. Just actual annoucnement. I also want it to stay ON TOP right underneath where it says "Bonjour" but every time I update my journal it gets sent to the bottom. How can I freeze it on top of all my actual entries so it won't move anymore. And how can I remove the comment box and entry title? Please help!

Here is the code I have for the announcement:Read more...Collapse )
Is it possible to use an IFRAME to include a page from my site in a component?

Something like this ([] used instead of the usual symbols so the code displays properly)...

function print_free_text(Page p) {
"""Under development[P]""";
"""[IFRAME src='http://www.somepage's url'][/IFRAME]""";


It doesn't have to go in the free text. I could just as easily tack it on the end of another component if the reason this doesn't work is because it's in the free text.
When I make a cut on my journal and then click the link, it of course takes me to a different page and the cut. How can I get the components off of that page? Kind of like how the friends view is without the components.. ? Can anyone help me out ?
How do I keep a friends only entry up at the top... sort of like what is on here but I only want my friends to be able to see it...
Is the 'User' layer or the 'Theme' layer the one to use to change colors, depending on season/holiday/mood ?

Answered, tyvm!
Hi people i have a question... I don't know if I should ask you all but I figured at least I would get a response...

I want to know how you post icons on everyone of your entries... For Example, I want one of my avatars to be on my first entry, then I want a different avatar on my next entry and etc... I was hoping you could help me with this customization... I don't know the coding for it... I'd appreciate any help thank you! :)

Oh ya... I don't want to switch to S2... is this still possible?

I had the s2 but I didn't like it... I found that I could do more w/ s1.. i dunno...