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I'm really sorry because this is probably such a basic question, but I was messing with my layout, and I changed something and now I can't see my icons next to each entry. I know there's an option I can click or something that will display them, but I can't find it anywhere and now I'm panicking. :/

Please help anyone?
ok ive basicly rewritten my reply page. i have it customized how i want it. however on normal replay plages it shows the entry, then read comments. then there is a space then another box comes with the form to enter your comment. i cant get the two boxes to seperate so right now i have just one box. sorry if it sounds confusing. whats the code to seperate the two boxes. i tried print_system_box_bottom(); already and its no dice. any info would be lovely . and thanks again.

Edit: figured it out wooot toot!:D
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Can I find a tutorial on a fancy date format like the user "adorekisha" has on her journal? Much thanks.
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Would someone be able to tell me why my free text component and my customized one are shown twice....hollahbackgirl

the free text is my health tip, it's driving me insane because i have no clue what is wrong.
I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to get an image to show up by your url/tab? Here are two images to illustrate what i'm talking about. (from sssexygirl)

(firefox tab)


Any way to make these three icons invisible on my entry page? I clicked through memories but I couldn't find anything.
how do you prevent people from right clicking on your page? I've tried

<script language=JavaScript>

// Right Click Window Close

// By


function click() {

if (event.button==2) {

window.moveTo(5000, 5000)




// -->


but it doesn't work at all. I put it in the same place where my music code is. *sigh*
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How would about putting box on the side of my layout... Like for pics and stuff???
okay, thanks to kunzite1, i was able to fix most of the disaster which was the theme layer i posted previously.

now, i don't know what i did or did not do properly, but now i'm trying to get rid of the "sound:" (which is the music tag), so it doesn't show up when there is no information in it.

it shows up on every entry, whether i have specified a value for the music tag or not. so when i don't have any music, it just says "sound:" and i don't want that there if there is no value -- i would like it to be like the mood (not seen if there is no value)

so how do i do that?

here is the link to my layer code</> if i did it right, the source should be viewable...

also, just a wee thing, what is the code (similar to "$e.journal.userpic") that i can put in my profile component so the userpic that is picked up is always the default? right now i have it so that it is a specific url, which just happens to be my default...but is there a code i can replace it with?

thanks for all your help!
Ok I have been fidling around with this for the past 3 hours about. I was wondering, how can I get my navigation and such into my profile like Suziebr's> ? Thanks, any help is appreciated.
i've tried to put in the code:
-----set lang_fmt_date_long = "%%dayord%% %%month%% %%yyyy%%";----
for date format...but where do u insert that code?

Also, sometimes my journal style switces back to generator, then i have to start over with my overrides, can u expalin why that's happening and what i can do to prevent it from happening agian. Thanks very much!!!
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See on my layout, under calendar, it says About My Journal? Well, I can't figure out where in the overrides (I'm just calling them overrides, I know they're not, but it's late and I'm tired) to add my stuff into there! Here they are:

Not overrides. :)Collapse )
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Okay, I've got a new problem =/ I'm trying to insert a Hearing/Watching component before my other component (which has icons in it) and I've got the code all set up, but everytime I compile it, there are no errors - but only the first component listed will show up. The code's behind the cut - could anybody find why both components aren't showing up?

Behind hereCollapse )