February 23rd, 2005

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Can someone help me with shrinking and centering my journal. I don't want a huge change right now but just enough.. and later I will be wanting to add a header when I finish it so I need both codes.. but can you do them seperate and show me where they would both go together for later? I have already looked through the tutorials and I have found everything I needed on my own and my journal is almost exactly the way I want it. But I have looked at the tutorials for shrinking and centering and applied them and it said I messed up my journal even though it complied with no errors. So I went back and deleted that out.

Please someone take the time to help me. I help many others with their stuff and am a fast learner but this is something I need explained to me, exactly what to copy and paste for the shrinking and centering.. b/c for one thing with that tutorial on it.. it's not that clear.

Thank you.
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I tried to do this in the tutorials but i couldn't figure them out... how do I get a google and LJ box in my layout... I already trieed both tutorials like a million times and done them them. :/

EditAlso how do I make my mini calendar boxes ovals?

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Okay, I've been browsing through tutorials and am trying to make myself a layout. I have only one problem, if you look at my journal you'll see instead of rounding the corners, you see little white trianges, I've looked through all of my color codes and don't see one #ffffff listed. Does anyone know whats wrong? Or if I could be missing a code?
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i have a quick question....

i had done the tutorial for comments a while back, so the comment page doesn't stretch out when people leave comments in my journal. I understand if you have IP logging on or get too many comments that automatically stretches the page, but now my page is stretching even when someone leaves just one comment, is there any new coding to fix that?

thanks in advance!