February 25th, 2005

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Square Components

I've tried using the Square Component tutorial and it worked great, except that my navigation bar at the top and my title component didn't seem to become squares! Now I've used the other tutorials to override a graphic at the top of my journal, then to bring the nav bar back and make it a component instead of that other bar thingy. Does this affect it? If so what should I do to modify the Square Component code to resolve that? Thanks a lot for your help guys!

The weirdest problem is where the title of my journal is displayed, it looks like there is both the box and the rounded component being used. I also want to put a space between that and my entries after it.
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navigation box

Hey, i tried searching for this but i couldn't, so i'm sorry if this post is wrong anyways.

I want to know how you can get your top navigation bar with the 'userinfo - friends - site' etc to become a box... for example like at murderoftwo 's journal. Also, if possible, i want to know how you can change the link names. (like at the same journal)

Thanks in advance! <3


i know this sounds like a really ridiculous question but where can i customize component?? i really want smaller table widths and other great customizations peopel have posted on this site but where do i do it? i'm used to S1 where i just cirectly go to my overrides box but i cannot seem to find that in s2.

help please?

nevermind, i found links in the "tutorials" section. thank you so much, this community is absolutely awesome.
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Opera Help

I have a problem when viewing my journal through Opera. Half the user icon on some posts is like cut in half. Any ideas ?

I noticed it happens with users/communities that have names shorter than the width of the icon
  • xokisha

another question....

i recently changed up my component
and i'm having a small problem.
when u click to leave a comment.
the reply box you type in stretches out my component
is there anyway to fix that reply comment area to a certain width?
  • oh_andi

(no subject)

layerinfo "type" = "theme";
layerinfo "name" = "Additional Custimizations";
function print_custom_head() {
<*style type="text/css"*>
body {
background-image: url(*http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v683/oh_andi/gardenstateheader.png*) ;
background-repeat: no-repeat ;
background-attachment: *scroll ;
background-position: top *;
margin-top: 315px *; }


Sorry that didn't come out, this is the code, only without the stars.