February 26th, 2005


i tried to delay posting here for help as much as possible but i'm stumped. . .

i've been going through the entries that show how to change the date format and make it so that the day of the week is lighter and in the back while the month and the year and stuff are upfront. i'm sure you all know what i mean.
i don't know what i'm doing wrong but i did go through the tutorials and other people's posts (which seems stalker-ish) but it was all to no avail.
when i put the different css for the date format it was all good but when i went to put in the "function print_entry" portion of the code i got an error message.
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and this is my Collapse )

i got something to happen!!
take a look at my journal. it's really quite funny.
now you can ONLY see the date.

i wish i knew what i was doing wrong. :(
help anyone?

thanks in anticipation. :D (again.)
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hi, um.. I'd like to make my entries look like the ones in xmirax's LJ. With the user icon -inside- the entry box with the entry text wrapping around the bottom of it. .

I've used the "customising the entries" tutorial before and the code is in my layout.. and I can see in that, where the user icon code is.. but I cant quite figure out how to change it to get the icons inside the entry box. I tried moving it and fiddling with it a bit.. but eh.. no luck.

could someone save me a few hours frustration by telling me how to do it?

thanks :D