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i made some toys that'll help with posting layer code and other misc lj junk. yay. link.
x-posted to: component_help, and s2layers.

i was wondering how do you make the links look like a button.. like
when you mouse over they like go down?

read about the current one.Collapse )

any/all help (or suggestions) are welcome.
they're actually what i'm hoping for. :)

i've been trying the codes over and over again, none of it will work, can someone just do my page for me, i know it is too much to ask, but i went though the tutorials, and nothing helped at all, it just looked like chinese arithmetic to me, someone please help!!!
I know this is completely stupid, but I can't figure it out!! My entries page is fab, but my "sidebar" components (profile, music, movies, etc) are not showing up on my friends page. What the crap did (or didn't) I do??? Much love and appreciation in advance!!