February 28th, 2005

Shadow-less components

I'd like to remove all the shadows from my component boxes (all the darker than and the lighter than lines) I just want simple one-tone lines. Can someone explain how to do that? Or point me in the direction of a tutorial?



Where to put new code??

I'm new to this so I'm sorry if I'm missing something simple...what I want to do is add another component box to the ones I already have, and I want it to show my weather pixie. I looked through the tutorial on how to add a component, and from what I saw there my code should look like this correct?

function print_free_text(Page p) {



code for my weather pixie



If that's wrong please let me know. I already have a theme layer b/c I used the tutorial to add a banner to the top of my layout. What I can't figure out is where in that code that's already there do I insert this new section? I tried just putting it at the bottom but I got errors. I would really appreciate any help. Thanks!!
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I remember a while back seeing a post (or maybe I saw it in code somewhere) where the usericon is on top of the subject rather than to the side of it. I looked through the tutorials but I couldn't find it. Could someone point me in the right direction please? I hope I made sense.

Question...of course.

Okay, I used the shrinking and centering tutorial, and my journal is smaller and centered, but not as small as I want it. it seems that no matter how much I change the % or px, it stays the same.

Could someone take a look at my style sheet and tell me how to fix this?

New question:

could someone please please please direct me to the tutorial to make my page scroll bar match the rest of my page? :-/

Thanks in advance =D
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