March 2nd, 2005

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background problems

I'm having problems with my background. I've gotten the background stylesheet bits to work on two of my communities (both free accounts), but the same coding isn't working for my personal journal. It just shows the default stripe background. I've been tearing my hair out over this and can't find anything specific in the communities memories. Can anyone help?

Edit: Problem solved! Thanks margotdarko!

Problems with Profile Component box...

I am really hoping someone can help me here.

I've checked through the communities memories and tutorials, but to no avail!

A friend of mine helped me out with some codes for the Profile Component box, so, I checked out this comms memories, to make sure I was doing everything ok, but I don't know what I've done wrong! All I wanted to do was add a little bit more info to my Profile box, where the default user icon goes.

It's driving me mad now, I'm so frustrated, and I really hope somebody here can just have a look for me and see why everything is out of line?

If you go to my journal - pinkdiamonds31 - you can see how everything appears to be stuck at the bottom of the page! Where have I gone wrong? Do I need more spacing between the codes? Did I miss a ";" out? *cries with desperation*

Thank you in advance if any kind soul can help me, I would really appreciate anything anyone can do!

I have posted my codes here; (It's the part highlighted in bold) And I'm so sorry my code is so long!! *blushes*

Thank you for the help I recieved here, this community is so friendly and helpful, I truly appreciate it.

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moderated entry queue?

should i?

a couple recent entries show that people aren't reading the community info or the box at the top of the journal.

those are ridiculous.

also, having moderated entries for a comm like this is ridiculous.


wherethewind__ has an excellent idea. someone make me an animated gif that looks like one of those hollywood theatre marquees that says "TUTORIALS."

(no subject)

Alright, I've almost perfected s1, now it's time to learn s2. I'm trying to work on a component layout, and i'm getting...rather frustrated, lol. I hate to bother you guys, but i think it's time. :)

My first question is, after you add the codes into the advanced customization page, or whatever, how in the world do you make them WORK!? I read something about there being a drop down menu you select the theme in, but i have no idea!

Any help is appreciated. <3

Update Component x_x

Okay. I've hunted through the tutorials, I've blistered my way through parentheses and brackets and whoknowswhatelse, and now I have a problem I absolutely cannot figure out.

I finally got to the point where I wouldn't get errors while trying to make my user theme incorporate the "full update" component (with login~ yay). There's only one problem now; when I USE the theme (actually the user layer), the update component WILL NOT show.

Aahhhhh, save me.

And if it's something completely obvious, I'm going to go poke a needle into a cushion many many times. :/
<-- Done that, the cushion is now ded-dead

++ Now does anyone know how to fix the entire double-header thing, or know how to make the component boxes smaller (not both boxes and entries, just the component column)? I'm still hunting down a tutorial or anything on that one. XD

I think the official consensus is that I am stupid. *baps herself for overlooking simple things and rummages through more tutorials* It's so fun to play with layouts. :p
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