March 6th, 2005

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I'm not sure if this is in the tutorials or not. If it is, I am very sorry, but I couldn't find it.

Okay, I just started using S2 today, and I was wondering, how do I change the text size in my entries? I'm using a user layer, and trying to get it to be 7pt. Thanks very much! :D


If it makes any difference, I changed to a theme layer.
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Ok i need help major..
im using S1 settings
i need codes for the following
1. To change my pointer.. i have the website for it
2. to change the entry box into a picture.
3. to move my backround image to the left.
4. to put a border around my entry box.
5. to put a picture inbetween the comment links.
6. to put music on my livejounal page.
7. to make my entry box smaller.
8. to change the color of my scroll bar.
9. to put my entry box to the right.

thats all that i can think of.. thank you sooooo much to who ever can help me :)
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entry round bits

regarding to this comment i made.. someone told me to make a new entry here!

so okay im kind of confused. the only thing thats caught my eye is the round bits of my entries and components, they are blue. i dont know how to make it the same colour as the tab bg and border lines. in other words, i dont know why this came out for every border in my entries and components on the right hand side.. why wont it be green to match my whole layout??
and how do i make my background fixed? somehow when i try typing background-properties: fixed; it doesnt make it fixed.

one last thing - how do i make the right components [which has calendar, profile, etc] levelled with teh entries, because i want both entries and the right components to be under the header image, and not the right component to be as tall as the header image. (hope that wasnt confusing)
thanks if you can help.
i neeed someone to k1-ify my layers??

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Hey Guys! =)
I'm having a problem with adding a Music/TV/Book component. I'm pretty sure I have all the codes in their correct places and everything, so I'm not sure what the problem is. It looks like a few other people in the comments of this entry, are/were having the same problem...but it doesn't look like anyone solved the problem?

When I enter the code I get this error:

Compile error: line 262, column 1: Unexpected token parsing statement block
  S2::NodeStmtBlock, S2/, 46
  S2::NodeFunction, S2/, 104
  S2::Layer, S2/, 58
  S2::Compiler, S2/, 27

260: """;#Copy and paste as required - you can also delete this line"""
262: </table>
264: </div>
265: """;
266: print_comp_footer();

The bolded part, line 262, is where my problem is. Anyone no what's up?



Solved! Thanks guys!

print_custom_head - entry text format and background graphic image

After reding through and playing with THIS (very nicely done) explanation of print_custom_head I do have a question/problem, [Update/resolution is in blue]

When I added this code to my theme layer, my background image (wallpaper) was changed to a cascade of horizontal component bars. I see the code points to the same location for the background for the page here as as it does (farther down) for the background image for "headers" (in red in the code excerpt behind cut)? - So I realize I need to edit this background image location somehow to point back to the my journal-background graphic file... I could hard-code in the actual off-LiveJournal url I suppose, but it would be nice to have the code allow me to continue to use the Customization tool in the future and point towards the location I specified in the customization interface? How do I code that location here? Sheesh... if I spend enough hours reading ALL the previous questions and answers here eventually I find that every question i would ask has already been explained. HERE I learned that background-image: url($*page_background_image); will get me back the background image specified in the Customization Wizard. For the record I really do work through the tutorials and search the Q&A's before I ever ask a question. This community is an amazing resource, thank you all.

Also - when I change what appears to be the number of pixels for the font-size in the body-text of my journal entries (the font-size: 12px parameter in the code behind the cut, in red), the font size in my journal entries is NOT changing? Is this not the parameter for the size of the body-text in normal journal entries? When I compile with this code, my journal entry-text font shrunk from what it was before I had a function Page::print_custom_head() defined. I just want to get it back to its prior slightly large size and keep the rest of the font/style customization I have made.? ...Doh! okay I was just being stupid there - solved that problem. Still would appreciate someone explaing to me how to link to the background image specified in the Customization tool? ... and I still can't figure out what text that "font-size:" parameter in the Body{} portion of the code does apply to?

I am using the whole code in my layer... I have just copied the Body{} portion that I believe is relevant to my questions Collapse )

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I used this tutorial to get square components. I love it, but I honestly cannot figure out two things:

A) Why are my side components (i.e. my profile, etc..) so far away from my entries and how can I change it?
B) Is there anyway to drop the side components down until they are even with my entries and not my image/header component?

Navbar Problem in Firefox

I've been trying to look over my coding and figure this out for a while but I'm still not sure what's causing it, I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem. My navigation bar is off-kilter in Firefox.

Collapse )

Is there any CSS I can stick in to correct this problem? It looks fine in IE, Firefox is the only other browser I use so I don't know if it's like that in Netscape or Opera or anything. Thanks for any help.

[edit] - I don't know if it helps at all but modifications I'm currently using are: Shrinking & Centering, Additional Components (Listening/Watching to be specific), modified user profile.

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Hi! Im trying to add more to my component layer! Each time I try, it doesnt work. I just want scrolling boxes on the side. Ive tried the tutorials. I dont think that I am combining the codes right. Can someone help me?
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Navigation bar

2 things about the navigation bar:

1. Is there a way to get rid of that blackish shadow/black line on the bottom of it?


2. Can I put the navigation bar BELOW my banner?


Help Pa Pa Pa Please!=D

Mmm k,i wanted to know how i can add more components in my journal.And can you please tell me where i should place them in my code?.

And i wanted to know how can i write things under my default icon,i see several journals and they have like a summary under their default icon(about them).

And lol,how can i change my journal page title,while my other journal title says something different?I really hope you guys understand what im talking about,if not comment and i will send you pics of examples.

Please help me!thanks guys!,i really appreciate it!=)
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square components

Just a question not really a request. Has anyone ever documented here how to transform components on both sides, to square components on both sides? I seen some dialogue about it in the square component tutorial, however when i apply that method that does not turn out the way that I'd like it to. So if anyone out there has some resources to other ways of doing it please inform me k? Thanks ya ;)

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I just recently switched back to Component from Opal and theres one thing thats been bothering me. I've read through all the tutorials and i didn''t see it anywhere. But if it was right in front of my face feel free to point and laugh at me =) How wuld you go about adding links to the navigation bar? I'm useing square components if that makes a difference. Thank you!!!

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I post in here everyday, haha, sorry guys.

I have a few questions for ya'll, sorry if this is too much! =/

1.) How do I get the title bar thingy at the top to go away?

2.) How do I hide the Memories/Edit buttons?(If possible)

3.) I can't get the font in my entries the same as the font in my sidebar? I have it set to Tahoma, 7pt, but in my entries, it shows up as 8pt. I know a girl just asked this question a few entries down... but those suggestions didn't work either. =/

4.) Also, I used the Mixing Components, and, well i don't really know what the problem is, lol, my other components aren't showing up, (calendar,nav links), and i have NO CLUE why. Can anyone tell me what I should put in this part of my coding..

set first_position  = "free_text_order";
set second_position = "print_calendar";
set third_position  = "print_links";
set fourth_position = "none";
set fifth_position  = "none";
set sixth_position  = "none";
set show_free_text  = true;

Man, my LJ is just a big mess. <3 Thanks a MILLIONNNN! +1 ;*)

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I have another question :)

How can I make everything smaller? My entries are so wide...

Could anyone tell me how to make everything narrower and centered?

Thank you so much for all your help! I love this comm!