March 7th, 2005

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prev_next nav buttons

I'd like to put the next/prev nav buttons in the page summary header. Any idea how to do that? How can I override print_comp_header or get the html as a string from lay_viewspec_nav to pass to print_comp_header. Thanks

(no subject)

How can I adjust the height of my component headers ("Profile", "Calendar", the dates on my entries)? I've tried decreasing the line height of my text and that works in making the headers smaller, but it also jumbles all of my text.

(no subject)

I've been trying all day to mix components on both sides with shrinking and centering. i know its possible cause i've seen it on journals. i just dont know how to mix them. any help would be apreciated.

(no subject)

Could someone help me to put a page summary up?
I tried doing it from the tutorial and its not working for some reason...
Is there an easier tut, or something that I may be doing wrong?
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(no subject)

i've looked but i still have two questions:
1) how do i change the lien spacing in my component boxes on the side smaller? when you go to "edit customizations" at the customize center, you can change the "line height". now, how cani fix it for the free text/component boxes?
2) why can't i justify the words in the free text box? i tried, it didn't work. i simply took out align="left" in the html to align="justify".

thank you!
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Moz_Blue Sky

(no subject)


Its been fixed!!! YAY!!!






Does anyone know what this error means?

[Error: Storable binary image v15.139 more recent than I am (v2.6) at blib/lib/ (autosplit into blib/lib/auto/Storable/ line 369, at /home/lj/cgi-bin/LJ/ line 1136 @ w30]

I went to update one of my components and got it after hitting the compile button. Ive never seen it before. Is there a way to fix it?


No Subject

I am trying to find a way of putting "No Subject" when someone doesn't make a Subject.  I found a link way back and that works but it mis aligns the icon and entry box. ssexygirl did this for me but it doesn't work either.

Basically I would like it to say:

[No Subject]

Thank you

box/font colour

hi, i was given these codes: set entry_bgcolor = "#hexcode"
set entry_fgcolor = "#hexcode". and was told to put them in my layer, but they don't do anything, htye just appear as text on the top of my page. do they need more coding with them? or am i jut putting them in the wrong place? please help me :)


Okay so I've recently made my journal semi-transparent, and I really like how it looks.

the only thing I don't like is how it makes the images transparent as well, does anyone know of a way to keep the components transparent but remove the transparecy from images?


okay I think I'm makeing some progress, but I have NO clue how to go about doing what it is i'm trying to do.

If you look at my journal my "favorite" components have imags of DVD's, books, music ect. Well they are not at all transparent.

I think this is because they are in a table, being that it's nested in the table the style elements don't apply to it....I tried just putting my images in a table in the actual entery but that didn't work

SO what I would like to do is put table in my entries through the S2 theme for my journal basicly every entery will be in a table but I'm at a compleate loss at what to do

I looked at the editing entries post and was very confused so if someone could simply explain how I would go about doing this so I can test my theroy it would be appreacated.

another clock component tutorial question

After reading the previous Clock Tutorial question... I got to thinking and went to look at the code...

Anyone got any suggestion as to how I could use this code more than once in the same component to report the time in two different time zones, once right after the other (well - with text between)? Is it as simple as just repeating the code, once right after the other (with a different time zone specified?) Or can I not reassign variable like that in the same component?