March 12th, 2005

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I tried using the 'update component tutorial' but it didn't work. could anyone tell me what i'm doing wrong?

Compile error: line 373, column 1: Unknown token encountered while parsing layer: [TokenKeyword] = if
S2::Layer, S2/, 67
S2::Compiler, S2/, 27


369: "moo";
370: print $free_text_box_close;
371: }
373: if(viewer_logged_in()) {
375: ########################
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Murder Of Two

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Two more questions.

First of all, how do I shift just the entries downwards and put a picture above it (so that there would be a picture inbetween the two bars of components)?

Second of all, how would I adjust the width of the time/date tabs above the entries?

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How would I go about making my navigation box (with INFO, FRIENDS, etc) look like HIS ? Like its own seperate thing? TIA.

I tried looking through the tutorials, but wasn't sure which one to look under. Sorry if it's blatantly clear and I'm just not reading correctly. :o)
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[re-post] Having (Link) problems

On my journal, I have the vertical and horizontal scrollbars for each entry. Under the entry is the (Link) link, which when clicked, was to take me to my entry at full-size. Instead, it takes me to the entry page with scroll-bars still intact.

I hope I'm being clear enough with this, but I'm still pretty new at the coding thing. If you could help me, I'd be most obliged. Thank you so much.

[PS] Does anyone know the hack to change the color of the dash-marks on the left and right of the user picture? Thank you!

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I cannot for the life of me figure out why I cannot add more than one free text component to my layout... it always gives me errors. Ive even copied and pasted straight from tuts and it still doesnt work. Could anyone give me any help with this? Thanks!

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i asked this question a while ago but never got an answer...
how do you make the line height of your free text component boxes smaller??
is there coding or html?
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background image in title component? help please?

Is there a clever way to add a background image to the title component, "wallpaper" style, so that it will be sized to fit/fill the Title component regardless of the screen resolution or browser window size of the viewer?

I realize I can add an image into the title bar component via the
function print_my_entries(Page p, string title) {}
part of my theme layer, but that is not what I am seeking. I want an image to fill the entire component, with my title, and subtitle text appearing over the background image.

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Shrinking & texture & header

How the heck do I shrink my journal and then have header along with texture. I had the texture until I made a banner - then I had to delete it for the texture to show back up - I did that because I want to make a new header anyway. BUT I have tried shrinking it and it doesn't work. Will someone please help me shrink my journal and have both a header and texture?

Thank you.
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Growing Adahy
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Yet another oversized scrolling entry question, but wait - this has a twist!

I would like very much if someone could point me to a code snipit that corrals over sized images and text using scroll bars, without changing anything else in the component entry box. For example, I like the position of the mem button in the default layout. Here is my layer.

(And to answer you question, yes I have looked though all the memories for this group, and lightly skimmed the past posts. I have also been working on this for a full week several hours each day, and have tried every tutorial I could fine. I would resort to begging, but I think that would just tick you all off. But I will say, thank you thank you thank you in advance for any help.)

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happy feet!

layout placement question

I have a new journal, blownuts, that I'm trying to place into a layout ordered by div layers so that the components and entries appear in sync with the background. My components are fine, but no matter what, my entries will not stay put. They keep moving relative to the screen size.

This is the div layer:
.bncontent {
position: absolute;
top: 310px;
left: 350px;

and these are my variations on coding for the layout:

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that gets me what is currently happing: the components are sized right, but jump all over the screen based on resizing the browser window.

this: Collapse )
gives me components that stretch across the whole page.

and this: Collapse )
puts them in the right place, but super-deforms them and makes them only about 200px wide. This is driving me up a wall! Please, somebody help?

And while I'm asking questions, I also can't for the life of me figure out how to make the text in my profile wrap around the icon. I know that's something basic, like an align tag somehow, but I can't get it to work for $p.journal.default_pic. I tried searching the comm, but I flipped back through a month of entries and couldn't find it. EDIT: 10:18pm EST: got that part. still stuck on the above mess.
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Icon alignment problems & square corner question.

1. I used the square component corners tutorial I found at this community. My question now is, how can I make them square like pamelajoy has hers? Mine are square, but have an extra little block of color added to them, and hers are all one color.

2. In my profile component, I've stuck my default icon there with an alignment tag. The icon aligns, but the text falls beneath it, which is not what I was trying to have. Any way to fix this?
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I tried to put in the update box component [] in my journal but it always comes up with an error, could someone help me fix this?

this is the error:

Compile error: line 558, column 1: Unknown token encountered while parsing layer: [TokenKeyword] = if
S2::Layer, S2/, 67
S2::Compiler, S2/, 27


554: """;
555: print_comp_footer();
556: }
558: if(viewer_logged_in()) {
560: ########################