March 14th, 2005


remove icons border in friends view

hi, I have tried several things , and still no luck so I am now asking for some help.
I would like to get rid of the thick border i have around the icons when I am in Friends view.

I have the following code in the head / style tags

img { border: 0px; }

and it did remove all other borders, except the ones in friends view. Any ideas where i have gone wrong ? If you need to see more of the code let me know :)
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fancy date stamp tutorial

Whee! My first tutorial ever!

EDIT 4/11/05: argh! i can't believe no one smarter than me noticed my blatant stupidity in adding extra triple-quotes! anyway, it's fixed. on with the tutorial...

While designing my new LJ, I wanted to put in the fancy date/time stamp, but couldn't remember how and it wasn't listed on the tutorials page in a nice, easy format. At daimones' suggestion, I cooked one up.

Code is based off comments from windswept and daimones in this thread. Original code looks to be from exotic_kittenv, whose journal no longer exists at that username.

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Clock Tutorial output format question & potential problem in clock tutorial logic

Hopefully this will be easy? Basic output format question...

What in THIS (clock tutorial) code output format forces the date and the time to be displayed on subsequent (separate) lines, why doesn't this return the date and time in one continuous line when I use it in a free text box?

Where is the break introduced? Is this impossible to avoid when combining a variable with a numerical value and a character string?

***Edit: update... I believe I found a glitch in the logic in the clock tutorial, so I just added this second portion to this question/entry:

I had to modify the logic for when to add one to $k1Cday for passing through midnight and entering the "next" day to:

if($k1Chour > 23) { # if your timezone is the day after system
$k1Chour = $k1Chour - 24; # figure out new hour value
$k1Cday = $k1Cday + 1; # make sure to change day value

in order to get the clock to switch from pm to am at 12:01(am) and to add one to the date at midnight, instead of at 1:00am (which is what it appeared to be doing)? Someone correct me if I am wrong here?

Gah! Moving userpics above entrys, vs. to the left

Hi guys,

I've been fooling around with component for a while, but I've run into a wall, and I can't figure out the answer.

I'm using this tutorial, and it's great. Since my journal is fairly narrow now, the userpics on the left of the entries are taking away from precious text space. What I want to do is move the user pics (along with the usernames) above the entry; saving horizontal space, but I can't figure out how to do it!

My style is here and my friends page is here.


(no subject)

i know you change the color of the line under the subject by .entryDash. What would be the name of the border also around the entries? i tried .entryBorder and it didnt work.

COmponents on the left side?

I am still new to all of this and feeling lost BUT i'm making some progress. I have about lost my mind and hope its okay to ask this... I have at this point gotten things where i'd like them and now just want to add a component to the left side without having to chnge the rest..? is that possible?
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