March 15th, 2005



Hi there. I have many questions, but I'll stick with one for now.
I've tried reading through many tutorials but I usually end up confused and frustrated, and I give up.
I have a really hard time understand all the }s and #s etc.
I just want to know this for now:
How do I get my unique userpicture to show up with every post?
I'm using (well trying to use, anyway) the layers. I've got some customizations in there, but not as many as I'd like.
But once I get this down, hopefully I'll get more. :)
Thanks in advance. ♥
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Header & Table Resize

Err I've tried a ton of stuff already and dug through pages to find out how to add a header image & resize my entry & components tables...

I think I just used the wrong code ^^;; Can anyone share the header and resize code?

Thanks ♡
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Color Coding my Livejournal.

So I have been fiddling with my layout all night, and I'm fairly happy with it. The Customize Entries tutorial scared me awhile back, but I braved through it, and yes, copied and pasted it.

Now, my question is, How do I change the edit and memory buttons to reflect the color of my livejournal?

I'm sure it's probably that var color thing, that I've seen in all the answers, but I have a mess of code, so I'm thinking that I should probably just try and sort through it.

So far I've gotten through it by changing the CSS, but I would like a more permanent solution, like declaring the variables in the page layout or whatever, so I just have to change the colors in the theme layer or something.

Help? Advice? Suggestions? Links to a tutorial I missed?
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Moz_Blue Sky

(no subject)

I've been play around with the movie/TV/Music component. And if you look at my journal bagism65 , you can see that the text color needs to be changed/or the light backround has to be changed because its impossible to actually read what is there. I havent got a clue how to change the colors.

Can anyone help?
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I'm having trouble with the Music/Book/TV components tutorial. I'm very confused. Is there something I need to change for it to work or something? I can't really describe my problem. If it would help to see my whole code thing, let me know and I'll edit this post. o_o' Thanks.
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