March 16th, 2005

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I've looked through the tutorials and I didn't see anything dealing with this, but maybe I just missed it...

How do I disable my journal subtitle on my friends page? I want only my custom friends title to display on that page, and nothing else. I want the normal journal title and subtitle to display everywhere else, though, so simply not having a subtitle at all isn't a solution.

Journal with journal title and journal subtitle
Friends Page with friends title and journal subtitle
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Murder Of Two

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I have asked this before, but I never understood the responses I recieved.

How would I get a picture just above my entry column (not above the components) without it being a part of my title component (like panda_cookie)?
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OK, Im bad at making styles, layouts etc.... so, need a bit of help.

I want to make a layout, basically like this one:

I want a picture at the top..... and two columns with boxes either side of my journal entry. I also want it to be centralised, with gaps either side, instead of it taking up the whole screen (Basically, exactly like the one above).

I know that it is done using component. But could anyone point me in the direction of the tutorials I will need to learn how to do this? As Im not too sure exactly what to do!


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How the tootin' hell do you set out your journal entries so you have the icon inside the entry, with the actual text wrapped around it? e.g. rosette.

Up until now I haven't posted a question here before, but I just cannot seem to find a tutorial on how to do this. I've looked through the customising entries tutorial, but I cannot find a mention on how to do. Maybe I'm blind.

Thanks in advance...

Done! Thanks for everyone's help!
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I am trying to write the code to take away the background image behind my navigation bar (not a navigation component) . Unfortunately, I am not incredibly HTML savvy, so what I've read so far in the tutorials hasn't sunk in enough for me to figure out. Could anyone help me with this?

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I am Me


Hrmm.. I'm wondering..

Is there a way to embed music in one's component style lj? Or is that too ambitious? I poked around but don't see anything about it in the tutorials nor in any 'recent' entries.. I was told there's a way to do it in the generator style code, but I don't think generator code would work with component, right?
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I just lost all of my lj customization though it says it is still there - my account looked like it was s1 at first after going to a community but I wasn't customizing my journal at all.. so then I just had to make it s2 again thought it was showing it was s2 but generator and then just a regular layout but my layers are still there *cries* wtf??
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