March 17th, 2005

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really need help!

Ok - I have tried everything - something is wacky. the style of component just won't work for me anymore ?? When I have it back on component and even just doing normal edit individual customizations and not advanced - all the options aren't there - like the part to past quotes, etc. You know when I click, Colors, Font, Presentation, Text.. and even if I edit things and go to save... it's still just in the regular component theme - something is not right and I do not think it is on my behalf. Like I said earlier - when my journal went bonkers I wasn't even editing anything and now I can't fix it. I'm currently using boxer cause it is the prettiest next to component and I can customize it fine - so what is up? *cries*
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2 more questions sorry!

I figured out how to shrink the custom components useing the square components on both sides tutorial to 110 px, but for some reason the default components wont shrink with them. is there any way to shrink those also to allow the entry box to be bigger? I do all my layouts in Mozilla Firefox and they line up almost perfectly with the header image, but for some reason if you look in IE the journal is smaller, could that be fixed also? I apologize if these questions have been answered already.

Update Component Problems

I'm trying to add an Update Component using the tutorial given in s2component and component_help, but I keep getting errors in the code. I keep getting errors on the "var int time_difference = -5;" line (I think that's the difference for EST, anyway!). When I tried to remove the line all together, I get an error on the other "var" lines that follow it, as well. What am I forgetting to do???

My code is behind the cut, excluding the asterisks, of course.

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The Components aren't showing.

My style was working perfectly until today. I was reading my friend list and when I looked behind a cut my style changed from Component to Generator. I chanaged the settings but now my journal won't show the components. I really don't know how this happened and it seems that I can't fix it. I was hoping one of you might help.

Here's the code.

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Thanks a lot in advance.

[Edit] Problem Solved. Thanks a lot kunzite1.
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MonthPage Question

So let's pretend you have hundreds of entries, and you want to go back and add the memorable ones to your memories. Some you remember just based on the subject line. Others need to be looked at first. But there is no "Add to Memories" link on the MonthPage.

My question: Is there a tutorial or link anywhere out there where someone has reproduced the code that prints up the MonthPage exactly as the default Component layout does? If so, I can't find it, and it's all I need to add a little "Add to Memories" button! (which I would gladly post to the group)

If there is no such tutorial, I will resume studying other layouts' MonthPage code until I can trial-and-error my way through figuring out Component's.

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